woensdag 25 augustus 2010

350 parts per million

On the website of 'WorldChanging' I found this creative little film by graffiti artist Hans Hansen. www.vimeo.com/14006371
About the urge to bring CO2 levels down. We can't do enough to spread that message. Serious measurements have to be taken by governments and companies and we will have to make a real change ourselves as individuals as well. Cycle as much as possible, use public transport if possible rather than drive our own car, bring our own bag, eat locally grown food if possible, buy fair, clean and well produced stuff with longevity rather than easy-to-throw-away stuff and reuse, reduce, recycle. I'm curious which paint Hansen uses for his graffiti. Water based hopefully? What does he do with the empty bottles? Does he refill them? Is the spraying gas pollutive? Or is it just oxygen? Taking serious measurements does influence every step we take. Not always convenient, but a challenge and at least something to think about! Enjoy this lovely, entertaining collection of wonderful wall drawings.......