maandag 6 juni 2011

Could we here?

This small film shows the joy of women and children when having guests. In the village of Utabwalero in Malawi. I was there with a colleague from 'Friends of Dickson' for the agriculture projects we do in the area.
Singing and dancing is in their genes so it seems. I was invited to join, which I did of course. It was hilarious and special. It made me wonder; how happy are we when having guests? How do we show that? How do we share happiness? Is happiness related to wealth? The answer to the last question is 'no'. For these people are among the poorest in the world; living from less than 2$ a day. I think we can learn from these women never to take anything for granted, and give more attention to our relationships than to our possessions. As Epiphano Chifumbi, a Malawian cathechist, expresses: a human being is a human being in relation to others.

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