donderdag 9 juni 2011


'In June the St Kildans used to round up the sheep on each of the islands for wool gathering. All the dogs and most of the islanders used to take part in the exercise, which was known as the 'ruagadh' and involved chasing the sheep round and round the island till they were trapped.'
Charles Maclean 1972

I've seen much of the contemporary way of sheep gathering on the Hebrides. It's less spectacular, but the wool is from a high quality. The landscape though, is still as spectacular as in those days. This image I took on Canna, one of the so-called small isles. Sheep walk around by themselves over the fields, and loose their left-over wool in the grass and on heather bushes. I use the beautiful pieces of wool to make the felted necklaces that are part of my collection. The regular wool I use to fill the flock of hand-knitted lambs in my collection.

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