dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Tree of Life

This weekend I watched the new film by Terence Malick Tree of Life. There are films and films. Some films you watch and either like or don't. You go home, put it on your list of 'seen it' and get back to normal. There are also films that are an experience, that you can't just watch. This is such a one. It got me right under my skin and in my heart.
The photography is stunning, the images of nature are stunning, the music is stunning. All this supports a simple story of a childhood in the USA Fifties, with 3 brothers, a loving poetic mother and a loving, strict and frustrated father. One boy dies. We don't even know how or why, and it doesn't matter. This film get incredibly deep into the essence of life, love and loss and that's enough. Surrealistic, heart-breaking, poetic and beautiful. The story is told through fragments mostly. We see the eldest son as an adult, trying to get grip on his memories. The tree of life is filled with memories, with those who are among us and those we had to let go. But still love.

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