dinsdag 7 juni 2011

World of Giving

This is an interesting book. About giving, as the title says. From compliments to donations. From a piece of bread to emergency aid. From philantrophy to governmental policy. It is written by Jeffrey Inaba and C-Lab at Columbia University.
It's a very helpful guide through the flow of aid and money. Designed as a design book which improves the readability.
What motivates giving? Is it altruism, is it a religious duty, is it reciprocity? This book shows all aspects playing a role in the world of giving and receiving. Why do NGO's compete with each other, what is the history of giving, how is giving embedded in our society? With cases that explain daily aid situations. With quotes from the Bible, the Koran, the Baghavad Gita. With good graphics about donation flows and the relation between give and receive, expenditures worldwide etcetera. Aid Capital is the term for the power of giving.
About the challenges we face towards the future. About the misinterpretations of facts and numbers. What struck me most was the clear explanation of the structure of aid. Being involved in development cooperation I'm aware how much can go wrong, and how important it is to care and share.
'Giving is any act that improves the capacity of another person. A gift can be as little as a nod of encouragement, or as great as taking a bullet for a friend.......Everyone is a giver. Every person gives to himself, many also give to others.'

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