dinsdag 31 mei 2011


Another way of getting the same message about the importance of community living and caring for our environment is this children's book by Jeannie Baker.
In a great sequence of the same view through a bedroom window we see the neighbourhood develop. We first see a kind of decline with half-broken advertisement boards, damaged walls and more concrete than green. Suddenly we see more children, more friendliness and an increase of green. A communal garden, a playground and elderly people as well as families. We also see the child who's window we look through grow up. We see how she develops her identity, individuality and.. a sense of belonging.
And the images are so wonderfully made; each is a collage a made with mixed materials. Textile, wood, carton, clay etc.
A brilliant idea and a brilliant design. With a simple, important and positive story about (urban) life.

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