vrijdag 27 mei 2011

My Green City

Th subtitle of this book is back to nature with attitude and style. And indeed it contains a great attitude and a strong style. It's full of urban initiatives that bring nature back into cities. Guerilla gardens, pop-up outdoor restaurants, a vintage plant shop, rooftop beehives, educational projects....it makes you, me at least, want to be part of every page! It's such a great development, and it's growing fast. It makes people think, it makes people smile, it brings a new way of neighbourhood living, a sense of community and it makes you feel a sustainable lifestyle is actually easier in a city than in the countryside. That is good news, for urbanisation is also a fast-growing development.
This book should be on the desk of every urban developer, every city councillor and every designer. This green city is the city we should aim for.

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