woensdag 20 oktober 2010


An astonishing article in the newspaper of the 19th of October. The Dutch Centre for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (NCDO) published the results of a survey in The Netherlands. 45% Of the Dutch population wants to reduce the budget for development cooperation.
The believe our own economy should come first.
Today I read an article that consumption in The Netherlands, especially of of electronic consumer goods, has raised again.
Now what is the matter? The budget for development cooperation is only 0,8% of the governments' budget anyway!
Have we become so selfish? Do people really understand what the world outside looks like? Is the NCDO insufficient in its information task? Is scepticism and cynicism taking over? Are people tired of 'the others'?
The world is one, it is in peril and we can't stay rich if we don't change our attitude. Towards people and towards the planet.
Our new government wants military aid to be included in the budget, they gave up the Government Minister for Development Cooperation, so I'm afraid this all leads to a disguised budget cut.

Innovation is needed, clearly, but no reduction!

_images taken in Dickson, Malawi_

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