dinsdag 26 oktober 2010


An alarming article today in P+. 50% Of the plastic that's collected separate is not being recycled at all. It ends up in German ovens and is burned. The substance of the plastic is too different to use it properly as raw material for a new lifecycle. The CEO of Gansewinkel, one of the biggest waste-processing firms in Europe, suggests chips so that the reusable plastic can be recognized by the machines.
That's stunning. Finally people are willing to make the effort to separate their household and company waste, and realise how much plastic we produce and try to reduce that; and is it all fruitless?
Producers of plastic should be forced to only produce plastic that's recyclable. It's shocking that half of it can't be used. Chips to separate for different purposes is fine, but we must make sure that all plastic is reusable. What to do now with the enormous amounts of plastic we collect. Just dump it in the bin? Or keep it separate so that at least half of it is recycled? But the burning; that can't be good for the environment. A deposit on plastic is an option too. But that needs strong agreements with companies and governments. Companies should take their responsibilities and act quick. Now.
Meanwhile I collect my plastic separate.

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