dinsdag 21 september 2010

1 % event

Last Friday I attended the 1 % event in Amsterdam. Fighting poverty is the 1 % club's main goal. Simultaniously 2 small events were held in Cameroon and Kenia. With both groups was a lifestream contact. Wow!
It was my first time, and I really enjoyed being there. 2 Inspiring stories of what can be done. Open sessions to work on cases and get input, brilliant failures to learn from, even an award, speed dating with world connectors, co-creation on specific cases and jus getting acquainted with people. I initiated an open space session about 'setting up small business for women in remote rural Malawi'. That is the area that I know quite well. So much to be done there. It was good to get confronting questions, facts to think about and a good laugh. The whole event was cheerful anyway, and that was a good energy. More to come!

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