donderdag 18 februari 2010

Green thinking in the elections

Soon we will have elections for our local governments. I sincerly hope the elections will be about what's needed in cities and villages.
For enormous disagreement -about staying in Afghanistan or leaving- in our government and parliament seems to take over the attention.
Besides that there is another concern I have. Amsterdam. My own political party, PvdA, is about to forget a very important aspect of city life in Amsterdam. I read in papers & flyers about the plans for the future. Of course, safety is important. And jobs. And education. I'm not saying emphasis on these issues is not important. Because these issues are very important, and I wish anyone can have the opportunities I had. But where can I find any thought about sustainability? Where is the future of our city in green thinking, sustainable housing and environment? Organic food, organic education, fair trade? Reduce waste, CO2, energy, plastic? Because a future city is nowhere without being green. And green thinking provides many opportunities! Any plans for that? Amsterdam should take the lead, and the social democrats have to encourage any development in green thinking. So next week, when I will join the campaign team to Rotterdam, I hope to find some answers to these questions, and to be reassured.
ps: recently I found this image by Kate McDowell, I think it's a great illustration of green thinking.

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