woensdag 24 februari 2010


I'm very glad that I found time again to work on my textile collection recently. A new flock of hand-mades will get to two of the shops again:
Tichelaar: www.tichelaar.nl and Textile Museum: www.textielmuseum.nl . New shops will follow soon. My woollies are very dear to me, and to the people who buy them. Also to Barbara, who does a lot of the knitting for me which is fabulous. And really; each lamb has his own personality.
While being too busy to actually work on the knitting, I did find time to research some new wool. I'm very happy to work just with organic wool from now on. That suits the concept of the collection really well. I call it 'slow textiles'.
Making something takes time, and effort. While doing so, it gives a soul to the object. A sense of personality. Objects must add to our lives in a sustainable way. We should be able to love what we have around us, to really relate to what we have. Longevity. Beauty. Personality. Don't buy anything that doesn't comply with at least one of these aspects. Better to have less than rubbish. That's what it's all about. My collection is made to add to this.

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