dinsdag 3 april 2012

Hebridean Crafts

And this is also St Kilda; the crafting of fabric. Wool was carded, spinned, coloured with plant dyes, woven, waulked (shrinking) and sent to the mainland where it was used for making garments. A community task, for men would round up the sheep and shear them,

In June the St Kildans used to round up the sheep on each of the islands for wool gathering. All the dogs and most of the islanders used to take part in this exercise, which was known as the
'Ruagadh' and involved chasing the sheep round and round the island until they were trapped.
Charles Maclean 1972

Women would spin and colour the wool, 
In the summer Peigi would have washed and dyed the fleeces. Then she would card the wool, combing, cleaning and making it so ready for spinning in winter.
Peigi was constantly singing while she spun.
Margaret Fay Shaw 1955
Men would weave, women would waulk. Waulking was done while singing together; it was a tradition done with joy and laughter.

The women kneaded and pushed the wet cloth round and round the table with song after song till it was shrunk enough and the feel of the texture right.
Those were the days when a wearer could regard a Hebridean fabric with the thought of the songs and
gaiety that went in the making of it.
Margaret Fay Shaw 1955

All this can only be done while in full balance with nature, the raw material and the community. Sustainability at its best.

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